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What the hell would cause this??

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Okay, weird problem here. I was driving along, and went to pass someone. Was doing about 45-50, put it into 2nd gear and stomped it. Hit 3rd, and passed him, and when I hit 4th, the car jerked to the right. I was like WTF?? Kept on the gas, and it seemed to be pulling left, as soon as I hit the clutch (eg, not under acceleration) I jerked right again. When in 5th, I hit the gas and I pull left, let off the gas and jerk right. WTF?? Ive never even heard of something like this happening. The wheel does not turn, and it will drive in a straight line in neutral. HOW can a car turn and not have the wheel turn?? I am quite confused by this. There doesnt seem to be any noises, but I cant really tell over the exhaust if something quiet is making noise. Id really be interested to know what it is...

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Only driving the right rear tire for some reason, maybe.... I don't really know but that's the only thing I can think of for now. Take a look under the back and see if there is anything out of place. Good luck with it.
id say something in the front end, when you hit the gas it takes up weight and the suspension shifts, then when you let off the gas it shifts back down... thats my highly amateur guessitmation

go get it checked out!!!
Hmmm... seems odd. I'd start checking the suspension, alignment (especially rear wheel camber) and tire wear. Also, does it do this on all roads? Around here the roads are in crappy condition so it's normal for all roads to have ruts which can really throw off the steering. When I was driving around in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, where the roads are 100 times better, I found the car handled so much better. I miss Vancouver... :-( Anyway, chances are as you accelerate your weight shifts causing your miss-aligned wheels to pull in various directions. If that's the case breaking should also cause the car to pull hard one way or another. Good luck.

- Mike
Ooh, check the motor mounts, if one has sheered then you could be getting a lot of weight shifting around and throwing the car off. I dunno, I'd find a shop and get it up on a rack and give it a thorough check.
RWDCelicadude said:
Ooh, check the motor mounts, if one has sheered then you could be getting a lot of weight shifting around and throwing the car off. I dunno, I'd find a shop and get it up on a rack and give it a thorough check.
This was my thought also.
Motor mounts sound like a definite. Might want to also check for sticking caliper(s). Doesn't really explain why it happens under load and not in neutral but it's worth a check.

Normal people worry me.
Checked the motor mounts, as this was my first thought. Still good. Brakes seem fine, or should I say they havent changed, they are crappy but not sticking. Braking does not cause this pull, only acceleration, and the heavier the accelleration the stronger the pull. Maybe my diff. is going and causing only one tire to spin? Being an 82P 5-speed I believe I have the LSD, maybe the slip part is getting fried and it is only pushing one??
Does it feel like the pull is coming from the front or the rear? What you are describing sounds scary. I understand about the bad roads, I have to hang on with both hands to keep my car from following every rut in the road, and the car will definitely slide side to side without my permission, but what you are describing sounds different.
Not the road. I rotated my tires, just to see what would happen, and it actually seems better, but not perfect. Still doing it. Not a good thing Im sure.
Just thought of something else... Check your rear control arms. I had one bend (and eventually break) due to rust. The momentum shift of acceleration could cause it to bend and thus throw off your alignment in a major way.

In my case, I had my cousin weld heavy guage stainless steal around the original control arm - making it the most solid part of the car and will probably out last the rest of the car as well. ;-)

- Mike
Yeah, sounds like something broken/bent in the suspension somewhere, and the rear control arms are a likely candidate. Take it to a suspension shop pronto and get them to check it out before something nasty happens!
YUP... check rear contr. arms.. i bought my car and both were fukin rotten.. $800.oo. each to replace.. ya rite.. i just took the rear end out and welded steel plates......., anyhoo....and diff might be fuct... put it up and check it ...TRY NOT TO DRIVE IT... unless you have to.. it might make things worse....BANG CRASH BOOM.......
hah! fatalists! lol.

From experience - does your front susp "clunk" at all when climing curb to a lane entrance?
Check front arms and control rods for play
I had one of the control rods come loose and MAN what a challenge to drive!

Had slop in the steering for a while?
Get the stering rack checked pronto... Had one give out in the middle of a left turn on the hiway. 3 spins of the wheel to get the teeth to catch enough to straighten tha car out.

I also just finished replacing/rebuilding another LSD and I can tell you that side shift is not a sympton of failing LSD. Solid axle or IRS.

Got other funny noises? clunk? grind? poink? growl? with a super-stiff chassis like the MkII you can usually feel when stuff is loose...
In fact the front susp. does make loud noises when going up driveways, etc.
K, I see.

When I had a strut rod (goes forward from outer end of the control arm to a brace on the front frame rail) come loose/wear out, I started to notice rather odd steering behaviour, often depending on weight-shift in the chassis (throttle on/off) and if you consider that if the strut rod is loose, then you are allowing the control arm to move laterally - thereby either angling the wheel differently from the one on the other side!

You can see this in many cars when they load up in a corner - autoX is a good place to watch - be outside on a sweeping turn and watch the wheel move 2 inches front to back!

I replaced my rubber mounts with the Energy Suspension bushings, as well as fabrication new metal spacers for the bushings - we shortenned the spacer by 5mm to increase the preload on teh bushing, asn this also added to the overall springrate (undamped) in the front corners!

Big difference. The noise *clunk* also was slightly apparent when moving slowly, and braking on/off - tho not as much as rolling the corner up or down a ramp like a laneway.

This is an easy fix if this *is * what is up with your car! And better handling after also!

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hmmm, ill have to check it out. Ive looked over the front end, at a glance, and saw nothing grossly out of place, but I dont know a lot about front ends anyway. thanks!
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