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What to do....

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Im finaly startin to be able to restore my supra, I ran out of money and ran into a bunch of bills, so hopefully soon I will get the body back it shape. When I first bought it, it looked like total crap, kinda still does. Whoever had it before me took no care of it at all, but im gunna restore it. Soon Im gunna be getin the body work finished: welding on sheet medal and filling small holes.
After that its getin a paint job, but then that brings me to my next problem. I dont know wheter I should tear apart my stock motor and rebuild it, or if I should buy a 7mgte and do the swap but build that motor first. I want my car to be able to haul ass. I been thinkin of bigger cams, clean the block, port and pollish, new pistons gasgets, valves lifters for the 5m and a turbo kit, but i dunno, what do you guys think i should do. Im not doin the 2jz on this one, I will on the next supra Im gunna buy.
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Hey Brandon,

I think if you wanna hall a$$, and ya need a rebuild plus the stuff for a turbo. You should go 7mgte all the way or it could possibly cost more if your getting all the parts for the 5m rebuild kit, plus machine work and all the turbo parts individually..

Thats why I say get a good deal on a complete 7mgte package or a front cut and go from there, plus you have all the parts neccessary. Shop around, you never know what kind of deal you can get, I heard front cuts w/ around 75k miles go as low as $1,500. But I think you can expect around $3,000 for a front cut.
Found sites for motors

My friend found a site that has toyota motors:

They got the 7mgte :D , motor tranny :( (dont know about an ecu or wireing harness, may have to buy separate), for like $650 plus like $300 shipping......Guaranteed start up, and I talked to them via email, and they said that the motors come from donor cars, they are sure they will start, but there is no waranty on the motor :jerkit: , but if ur gunna tear it apart anyway....then who cares? But they said that their motors have a max of around 65k miles, which isnt to bad.....again if u redo the motor then its pretty much new anyways.

They also have the 2jz complete swap :humpleg: , thats like $3500 plus the $300 in shipping :? . So whatever floats your boat........just thought Id let ya know bout the motors

I dont know if this company is reliable, good, bad, indiferent or what.....has anyone ever gone through osaka? any coments about them?

That sounds about right$$$, I been told many times again you might as well rebuild them to be certain. But I'm taking a chance on one of those JDM motors too. I have a 5mge motor w/ supposedly 60,000 miles on it. Changed the rear main seal and checked all the other seals and done all the drive belts. Lucky to buy it from a friend for $200 who drove the motor before, but I just bought to last me till I can afford what you're trying to do.

But when I get a 7m, I plan to rebuild it from bottom up. Since I want forged pistons and extra boost :twisted: Hopes this help ya decide :p
pretty sure

Im pretty sure im doin the 7m swap, just gota get the money and time.....might have to wait on finishin it for a year or so though, cuz im gunna be goin to Tenn. to the Nashvile Auto Diesiel College......gunna take the auto class for a year, and then stay for a few more months for the high performance class. But i want to finish this car...

In the future I plan to buy about 3 more mk2s and do diff stuf to em. Evnentualy a 2jz swap attempt into one of them.....i know i know....there arent too many succesfull atempts, but its worth the try, and if it works.....damnnnnnnnnnn, watch out.....
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