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Two things come to mind (cause I've had the same issue with my 1985 Supra). First thing, heat. On hotter days the engine compartment can get heat soaked (especially if you have headers with no heat sheilds like I did). As a result the car sometimes felt quicker when I would first start driving it in the morning (coming out of a cool garage) or on cooler days in general. Try to make sure your cars cooling system is up to snuff and that your getting nice cool outside air entering the air filter (ie. cold air box, or ram air etc.....). Next possibility I would say is gas. Are you putting in high octane gas, or just regular? Using the cheaper stuff can cause the car to pull the timing back, thus loss of a couple of hp. I've even noticed that using regular gas in my 1990 Celica changes on a tank to tank bases depending on how fresh the gas is or what station I fill up at. I would say if you are not using the highest grade octane in your area to try it for several tanks and see what happens. And as usual make sure that the general state and tune of the car is in tip top shape (clean filters, new cap/rotor and spark plugs, fresh oil............). Good luck, hope this helps.

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