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What would you do?

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I am rebuilding my 5mge as we speak. Before I shell out the cash for the rebuild kit and the machine work on the block I need some advice. When all is said and done the complete rebuild and work would come to the ring of a grand. Should I just but a 6mge from a place like www.cjee.come and just install my rebuilt head or.... pay the money to get all new components in my 5mge. (planned work includes all new components, balancing and blueprinting, lightened and knife edged crank and lightened flywheel) :twisted: :evil2:

I am in a delima, New parts and self assurance that it will be less likely to fail; or purchase that 6m and chance getting a bad apple and abusing there warranty?

All thoughts appreciated

I am sure that this has probly been discussed b4, but I didn't find it in my search. Please dont :eek:nfire: me.
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if your gonna rebuild the 5M, rebuild it. Unless you cannot rebuild it, I would say go 6M. It all depends on what you want :wink: 8)

Laterz, zankone
The 6m is a nice performance upgrade but there is undeniably a 50/50 chance you'll get a bad one. However, there is a compromise. Call around the importers and ask for a 6m core for rebuild. Sometimes they have one they know for certain they can't warrantee and they'll sell it for half price or less. Have the block rebuilt just as you would your existing 5m. Thats what I did.

Phil D.
Personally, I don't trust a used engine at a premium price. I say rebuild with new even if it costs a bit more 'cause then you know what you have and more importantly you can prove what it's worth if you sell it to me ... ummmm ... I mean anybody. :twisted:

I don't think it costs much more to rebuild a 6M or 7M so if that's what you want to do then do it (It's better...) I got a complete 7M-GTE (including all the turbo stuff) with a blown head gasket for $60.00 Canadian!!! Cheap cores are definatly out there...start looking.

Used engine would be faster to do and maybe a bit cheaper but remember that the warrenty that comes with a used engine does not include re-and-re so YOU will pay for that if there is a problem!

Have fun with it!
ALright I have desided to go with the 5mge rebuild. Heres another ? I am planning on installing a OEM 7mgte Headgasket(corrected type) b/c I got a hell of a deal on one, along with Arp Head Studs. Will this drop in compression be a real concern if I do not turbo charge the car now? Think I will be running too rich? I am planning on turbocharging later....So should I or shouldn't I install the headgasket and studs?

i would definitely install the headgasket while you have the car apart.

im sure i saw it in here, and i dont think it drops the compression by much.... im not sure if its even a full 0.1 drop.

perhaps someone with more expertise can chime in?
Also if you have your head decked during the rebuild it may be a wash, how thick is the HG?
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