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is the starter really that crapped out... most of the time the copper leads are burn due to use.... take out the 3 8mm bolts on the starter solenoid and see if both of the copper leads are burn and worn out... if it is... check on your toyota dealer for this aprt and it will run you about $10.00.

That is what happened on my starter... it just clicks and does nothing... won't even engage the gear... it is basically not giving a 12V connection to the solenoid

check it and it is worth a try and save some dollars... this has been a problem on toyota starters

note: when taking out the starter... get a long (i mean long) extension about 3 feet and a swivel socket or equivalent... lower the tranny mount and let the tranny and motor tip so that you will have room for the extension to pass cause it is really tight in there and have a visegrip pliers hold the bolt on the stater and use the swivel socket to loosen up the bolt on the starter while the vise grip holds the nut

if it is a automatic... it is really gonna be really, really tight
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