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What's grosser than gross?

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:throwup: :puke: :whutthef:

*** :scratch: wonders why people look for this shit****
Gross... reminds me of Fight Club. Wonder if Tyler Durton Works there
She said she spent the next 15 minutes in a restroom, vomiting, and has since seen a psychiatrist and taken medication for depression and anxiety.
I think anyone that emotionally weak that this would cause that many problems should be taken off those pills and just handed a gun with one bullet. Or she's lying about it, in which case the same applies.

But that is gross, tho. Having worked as a waiter, I've seen some pretty nasty stuff "accidentally" go into food (though I've never done it myself), but I gotta say this tops it all.

Yuck :puke:

No how the heck do you not notice something like that?
Well, I'd assume that chewing on something condom-ish would be a dead giveaway...
Well here we go with another "McDicks made me fat" trial...

Paawwwlleeezzeee.. Depression and Anxiety?? Will someone please explain to me why chewing on a condom would make you depressed? Maybe she isn't getting any at home??

lol, you eat or just don't ever complain about your food......i wonder if the thing was used....that'd be hilarious....
Relax biatch, its better than a tampon in you ceasar
scarletlizard said:
Relax biatch, its better than a tampon in you ceasar
But that can always be refreshing. :lol:
Chi-Chi's restaurant in the Beaver Valley Mall
hehe hehe haha hehe.... OK Im over being Bevis now
MKII boy said:
The owner of this place has written a book:

"101 Ways To Wok Your Dog"

lol, go edmonton.... were famous :?

yeah, i know two health inspectors...every month they give me a list of restaraunts to avoid.

they also tell me tales of grossness that i wont unleash on innocent people.

things like a huge log of poop floating in the soup at a deli.
apparently this thing was inhumanly large, about 18 inches long....

and thats about enough details, lol
I agree with George... scary. Maybe we should all become vegatarians.

Something to consider...

Chickens eat bugs such as cokroackes and we eat chickens. Why not cut out the middle man?

I think I'd rather go vegan.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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