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Whats that below the headers?

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I'm a little ambaressed about this question, but I cant' seem to find it either in my Chiltons or Haynes manual. But what is that piece below the headers, left of the oil stick. Its like 1.5" round with a rubber thing covering it and wire attached thats about 8" with a white piece thats supposed to connect to what? :shock: I noticed the end piece connectors are different from the 84 5mge to the 82 5mge and thinkin I'm gonna have to swap them to fit in the 82 p type. Can anyone help me on this? I'm just a rookie. :lol:
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Oil pressure sensor. No need to be embarassed, if you couldn't ask here...where else could you ask?

Can't really help ya though on the connectors, but I'm sure somebody here will know.
Hey, along the line of oil sensors, my oil pressure gauge sits at 0 all the time. I got a stupid question. Should I replace it, or is it not accessible when doing a head gasket? Thanks!
Mine didn't work when I bought my MKII either, but it was because the wire was cut, make sure the simple stuff is OK first.
ive gotta do some hunting on mine too, i think i forgot to plug it back in after i swapped the motors....
what a pita... its so much easier to do stuff like this when youve only got half the engine in there, lol.
:D Thanks for the quick info
Uh, no good? Wire? Hm... Well, I'll tell you what I see. A canister, that screws into the side of the engine block. There's a nubby thingy on the end opposite of the threads. Is there a wire that connects to that? If there is I'm utterly :bad-word: and if there isn't, I'm in the good. I hope. Now I just gotta figger out where to get that darned special tool. It goes on the crankshaft pulley so you can get the bolt out so you can get the pulley off so you can get the cover off the timing belt so you can get the timing belt off so you can get the head off so you can realize how horribly bad the gasket was blown. There's a mouthful... But, after a full day of working on a car, 3 hours of that wasted on removing the intake stuffs, I'm beat and going to pass out before work in the morning... Night all.
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Oh yeah, thats a SST-09213-70010 or 09330-00021. Also did my timing belt but used a pry bar in the flywheel and tightend it with the bottom piece and switched sides when time to retighten to a good 170 ft lbs.
If that connector on the oil pressure sender is different than the one on your wiring harness, maybe its due to the fact that the sender units used with analog clusters vs digital clusters are very different.
What cluster does your 82 use? What cluster was in the 84 donor car?
You need to use the sensor that matches your cluster.
on my 6mge the oil press. sending unit on the block didn't work with my gage as soon as i replaced the sending unit with the stock 5mge it reads the pressure fine. they look very similar to eachother. i would sugest using the specific sending unit for the gage.

Oh yeah 8) , my 82's cluster is the analog 85MPH. And I'm pretty sure my friends 84 cluster is the analog 135mph. I think this explains the 84's oil pressure sending unit's difference at the end piece. :idea:

I just took out my cluster as well as my dash and want to swap the 135mph analog too. Maybe keep that same oil pressure sensor and find that new cable to the 135mph cluster? :idea:

I just found out that you have to change the under harness to do it and its about an hr process.
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