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whats the best???

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what would be the best overall engine for an 84 celica supra...i don't have a deep pocket and i still would like a reliable and powerful engine..i need some opinions on what to get...also would a 7m-ge engine be good with 173,000 miles on replies would be nice....thanks

jay :?: :silly:
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I would say go with a 6MGE if your on a budget

Do a search on 6M's and youll find all the help you need :wink:

Talk to Aaron the monkey guy at
84_celicasupra said:
ok thanks...what parts would i need if any to put the 6m in
the 6M is a straight drop in and plug in, nothing needed
just plug in like if it was your 5M
84_celicasupra said: u no how much it would run me $$ wise and what it would do for the 1/4 mile times

I have a 6MGE with I/H/E and I have taken it to the track, but I need the Better driver mod :toilet:

Here is another Website on this one they list it for $595 But who knows what condition they are in, BTW did you even check the he has it listed right there :roll:

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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