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What's the correct colour for a billboard sticker?

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Hey guys,

I have a black 85 car that was repainted at some time, and it doesn't have a billboard sticker on the hatch. Can someone tell me what the correct colour would be for a black car? In case it matters, the dashboard is black, the passenger compartment carpet is grey, the cargo area carpet is black, and the seats are grey with black backing.

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the thoughts on this.

You can find pictures and YouTube videos online, but in the pictures it's really hard to tell the difference between white, grey, or silver lettering.

I'm surprised someone with an original paint black car hasn't chimed in yet!
This one that was on BAT has 10+ pics of the tail. It look grey to me. Definitely not white, but maybe silver. I think I'll go with a grey one.

Awesome, thanks for all the help on this. I'll go ahead and order a grey one.
That's awesome, thanks @suprarossa

I was planning on ordering one from Raptor: Search results for: 'billboard' . Megazip seems to have the OEM version: 75996-14120-03 - Stripe, Rear Body Back, Toyota OEM | . But for $200 USD by the time it gets to me I think I'll go with the Raptor version for 50 Canadian kopeks. Plus they're just down the road from me so I can pick it up and see what they got going on in the store.

I'm not too worried about it being a perfect copy of the original, as long as it's close. Of course I'd rather it be more correct than less correct, which is why I asked the original question about colour.

Thanks again!
I actually saw an 83 this past weekend and it had the 84 / 85 style billboard sticker in metallic grey. That colour looked really good, so I'm now thinking I'll go with the silver. Not sure if the sticker was from Raptor though.
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Final update on this, here's the silver sticker I got from Raptor:
Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Automotive side marker light
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Ha ha ha, I was waiting for you guys to mention the missing key hole / lock cylinder!! I don't know what's up with that, I guess whoever did the bodywork 15+ years ago decided to remove it. Same for the radio antenna!! A small magnet sticks everywhere just fine, so I think they welded it up with steel (same with the antenna hole). But I still don't understand why anyone would do that.

I didn't even notice there was no key hole / lock cylinder on the hatch until after I bought the car and the release latch failed! I had to climb into the cargo area and flip the little toggle to get it to pop open. And I didn't notice there was no antenna mount until after I got the stereo working and realized I can't get a good signal.
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