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What's the correct colour for a billboard sticker?

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Hey guys,

I have a black 85 car that was repainted at some time, and it doesn't have a billboard sticker on the hatch. Can someone tell me what the correct colour would be for a black car? In case it matters, the dashboard is black, the passenger compartment carpet is grey, the cargo area carpet is black, and the seats are grey with black backing.

Thanks in advance.
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For reference, here are 2 pictures of the grey that is on an 8B4 car that would be the same shade as you need for a 202 car. One picture is with camera flash, one without.

A note about ordering a new hatch banner - there are NO vendors doing OEM correct reproductions that I know of right now. Some are very close to original - like Raptor Racing - but still have subtle differences noticeable to a purist/OG. If that is OK with you, let me know because I have a couple that were sent to me as test to compare with my original. You can have them for free just shipping. Also, many reproductions of the grey you need are actually silver
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I was thinking about doing everything the right way by measuring each letter as it was applied originally and reproducing a set of individual letters, but it came out to be cost prohibitive for the few that would want to go to that level of originality
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I actually saw an 83 this past weekend and it had the 84 / 85 style billboard sticker in metallic grey. That colour looked really good, so I'm now thinking I'll go with the silver. Not sure if the sticker was from Raptor though.
If it is from Raptor, it will also have a misshaped S and TOYOTA too close to the A crossbar
Looks pretty good! I'm glad they did the little changes to make it just like OEM
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