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Whats your I.Q.?

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Found this site surfin the net today, I thought you guys could check it out
its an IQ test 8) I'll post up what I got later :twisted: now dont go try and cheat :evil:
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i got a 151 in hs.
i usually average around 140 in online things, and this was no different... got 136 did I. Maybe we'll all get the same score. However, if you actually PAY for the report, deduct 50 points. :p
Meh, 129 *shrug* not bad seeing as I gave up and guessed a couple lol

Dunno how much I trust one of these though...
Way too long...i was bored out of my mind by the end of the first 122 and ripped through that 2nd page like it was going out of style...if I knew SpankTwo was going to post this i would have tried a littel harder. But least I'm honest...not like the guys above me :roll: :p
hahah, you wish you were honest... none of us padded our answers by 10 like you did :p
You're :ghey: ...I told you not to tell anyone my real score was 69 :jerkit:
hey now, i only told them you padded, not made up a totally new score...
they arent like boobs... you cant make iq points appear where there were none before.
I scored 140 on the IQ tests in school and got 135 on this one...Im a Visionary Philosopher! 8)
i can fwd the results of mine if you really dont beleive me.
Was spelling part of the "test".
If so, Zank should have scored like a negative 3 just from this posts title.
Unless he's talking ghetto :lol:
:rotfl: :imwithst: :greatpos: Classic Dj...i'm frick'n howling here :rotfl:

**EDIT** for those of you that missed it...the title of the Thread was:

What's You IQ... :D
Good one DJ!

142. It says I'm also a Visionary Philosopher (like Plato!) Hmmm....

Here's a link to another page full of IQ (and other) tests if anybody's interested.
In this one I got 130, in others 120-137, I think is not a real good test or at least not for everyone, I believe its for people related to maths and engineerings . . .as almost everything is related to it, in some way like secuences, probabilities, and everything you may print on an ecuation and even when life can be represented in maths, because what we call reason is just a mathematical expression . . . 0's, 1's, yes or no . . .but there is a part of our intelect that has nothing to do with math, they do in fact, but will lost sense . . . for example . . . try to imagine that the following question appears on the test :

Q: Why you "love your supras??

I've taken the test before...I scored 128, on other tests I've scored in the 125-140 area

I was mostly related to math problems, and therefore not the best of tests.....Also, since they have an option to buy your results it makes me wonder if it's a scam and they give everyone above average scores....sometime I want to take it and intentionally get ALL the answers wrong and see what the score is, I just don't have the time.
plus the fact that some autist will score far away more than any of us :shock: . . . that makes me wonder what does it mean to have high IQ. mmmmm :?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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