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Where is everybody?

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Huntington Station, Long Island, NY.
Interested in where everyone else lives. I only see another one or two MKII's out around here...
There's a Long Island chapter of SOGI, but they limit their membership to MKIII & IV Supra owners only.....
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Im over here in California. I Live in Palmdale, i work in West Hills, and go to school in Northridge and every now and then im in Bakersfield.

I see tons of mk2's :p But never when im in the Supra :mad:
I live in the "heart" of California - Fresno

The raisin capital of the world, also the 8th largest city in California and number 6 in the Nation for auto theft!
Go Fresno! :eek:nfire:
where im at

over here in kirkland a couple miles east of seattle
Depends on what part of the week ya catch me..

Normally, I am in Quantico, VA.. about 20 miles south of D.C.

About ever other weekend, I migrate north to N.E. of Philly to a town called Langhorne to be with my family, Fiance, and friends...
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... where our igloos have melted, so we're back living in houses..
I'm from sunny Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia. Are there any other Aussies out there from my neck of the woods?
columbus oh here, i rarely see supras around here too, and when i do i don't even get a wave from the drivers...upsets me kind of...but then i shrug it off gun it and go on. I saw a lady driving a gray 2 tone 85 just like mine yesterday morning. I was all giddy for like an hr
representing Va. Beach, VA there is a lot of supras here from MKI's to MKIV's and I see about a couple of BPU's
Calgary Alberta, Canada...our igloos have melted too :lol: Mk2 are plentiful up here I see several every day

82 Ptype
Vacaville, CA here (yes, the literal translation is CowTown). Used to be the onion capital of CA, now its just a bunch of old folks and commuters living here. Mk2's are a dime a dozen here. There's about 4 other than mine withing a mile or 2 of my house. Whenever I need parts, I just put on my black outfit and go for a walk around midnight :D ...j/k

victoria british columbia, there are alot of supras around here although none are in very good shape...
im down here in houston, texas, dont ever see any mk2's around here at all
Phila, PA area 8) I live on the same river as the historic USS New Jersey. ;)
I live in Palmdale, Cali. Same place as zank he my cuz what up cuz. Work for City of Los Angeles at West Hills and also attend collage at CSUN.
Lebanon, Pennsylvania. 30 minutes away from Hershey, the sweetest place on Earth!
Everett WA,Home of the USS Abraham Lincoln :usa
Check the memberlist -- it's all there. :D
quick said:

You must get a different view of the memberlist than I get. :?: I'd say its about a 50/50 mix. Has always confused me why so many don't list location and email but that is just me..... :roll:

I guess I just assumed that those who would list their location in their profiles would be the same people that took the time to respond to this thread.
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