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Where the hell have you been?? - 1JZ Adventures

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Wow guys.. It’s been a minute. About 8 years worth, LOL. Just wanted to let everyone know I haven’t given up on my Supra game. In fact quite the opposite. I’ve been racing my Supra pretty constantly now since the 1JZ swap 14 years ago. Autocross, Hillclimbs, and the occasional track day. Life has moved so fast for me, I just simply quit posting. Not to mention Photobucket cancelled my free account and killed all my hosted pics. Photobastards.

Packwood Autocross:

Maryhill Hillclimb:

I’ve moved a couple of times, and finally bought a house on top of a mountain, with a seven-mile dead end road, my personal racetrack. Except for the fact the last two miles is a gravel hillclimb, I don’t get the Supra out much on it. My daily Honda CRV is my curve shredding toy these days.

I had a baby girl. We’ll my wife did, but I helped. Felt guilty working in the shop for at least two years, for taking time away from her. She’s a bit older now and loves the fact that Dada is a race car driver.

I talked by buddy into building a rally car. I did co-pilot navigation duties for several big rallys. Oregon Trail Rally and Olympus Rally a couple of times. What a ride. Some of the best car experiences I’ve ever had without driving. For the most part kept it on the road. Ultimately, the car got crunched into a jersey barrier and has been in pieces since.

OTR Rally:

I’ve been Luckydog racing for like 10 years now. Our FB RX-7 is pretty competitive in C-Class. Honestly, this style of endurance racing has changed my life. Door to door, on track racing, with two-hour stints. I have seriously racked up 100’s of hours in the seat. Don’t do the math on the cost of that. LOL. But our team has earned quite the trophy collection. Makes it worth it. Good Times.

So for the sake of getting back into posting about some of my Supra adventures. Here’s some glamor shots of the Supra last weekend at the local Autocross. She’s looking a bit dated when grided up next to modern cars. But hey, gotta represent the love for MKIIs. Cheers guys, enjoy. --Sam :)

412A7783 by Dave Santel, on Flickr

412A7776 by Dave Santel, on Flickr

412A8315 by Dave Santel, on Flickr

412A8319 by Dave Santel, on Flickr

412A8323 by Dave Santel, on Flickr
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Awesome guys, Rock on! Thank you.

Good to see some familiar screen names again. I like the idea of being some kind of time capsule for information. Not only for the next generation, but us ol’timers who like to come back and visit every now and then. Keeping the MKii love alive.

I think Phil has the right idea, when it’s time to slow down.. pull up a lawnchair , a beer, and talk supra to anybody who wants to listen. These cars are becoming more classics everyday. Maybe start thinking about reso-mods. My paint is crap.

With that said, however, the plan is to keep racing. At least part time. She’s been a pretty good build this whole time, with very little maintenance required. However, I am noticing I have a valve guide that’s wearing out. It’s putting a lot of oil in one of the cylinders with a little bit of tick. Got to get that fixed sometime soon. I’ve been playing with the idea of a complete engine rebuild. But with the costs of 1Js these days and parts, it’s tempting to do a 2J swap. Not to mention, I’m still running a AEM EMS V1. There’re no tuners left that want to touch that thing. LOL.

For my next act, I was thinking about posting a video of my daily drive thru my mountain road. Albeit there’s a lot of driveways along the way, but it’s my road. LOL. More like a spirited drive. Helmet optional. LOL. I’ll see if I can mount a few cameras and dust off my editing software.

Stay tuned..

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