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where to buy an engine ????

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It's finally time to restore my 85 from top to bottom. First things first, where can I find a good deal on a 5m-ge engine, mine's dead. Any websites or places ? I could use any help if anyone is in the san antonio area... Are there any specials for members of this site ? I plan on fully restoring so websites or info on all parts for the car will be helpful.
Thanx to all the supra owners out there !!!!!
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There is no need to modify the linkages, since you will be using the stock 5M intake pieces. Even with a 6M manifold, there are no mods needed. his might differ for canadian MK2's.

15+ degrees advance??? lolz..and on 87??? ur insane..ahaha.. I have never run anything lower than 89 on my cars, and that's juss cuz I was low on cash. Our baby's deserve the best =)
I have 2JZ's also...with auto trans in stock...with and without VVT-i. prices vary a bit, but most sell for well under 3k. I get front cuts of all sorts too. Last I checked there were a quite a few 1JZ clips as well.
the motors i sell are long blocks. Long blocks consist of the bottom end (block) and the top end (head). all other externals and accessories come from your stock 5M.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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