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where to buy an engine ????

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It's finally time to restore my 85 from top to bottom. First things first, where can I find a good deal on a 5m-ge engine, mine's dead. Any websites or places ? I could use any help if anyone is in the san antonio area... Are there any specials for members of this site ? I plan on fully restoring so websites or info on all parts for the car will be helpful.
Thanx to all the supra owners out there !!!!!
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Well how dead is it? Often the original engine can be rebuilt by a local machine shop more reasonably than you can buy a reconditioned engine. It just all depends on what your engine needs as far as machine work and parts. But for instance if there's a piston rod sticking out a big hole in the side of the block, then you might be better off finding a whole replacement. One popular option is to replace the 5m with a used 6m engine from one of the importers. The 6m is externally nearly identical but has a longer stroke crankshaft and shorter rods making it 3.0liters instead of 2.8 and about 30 hp more. Try one of these or email Ray Fong at [email protected] about getting one of these motors. Just realize they are USED engines with no way to know how many miles or what condition. They make great cores for rebuild but some have had success just freshening all new seals and rings before installing in car. For Toyota parts, call Jeff Watson at Jay Marks Toyota in Houston - 1-800-327-2087 and mention Supra Owners Group. He gives us basically jobber prices on Toyota parts and he knows Supras inside and out so more likely to get you the right part the first time.

Phil D.
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