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Which Optima

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I want to move my battery to the spare tire location to make room in the engine bay.
. I know nothing about the RED , Blue and Yellow Optima batteries. Is there one I should be getting?Is there a wrong one to get?

Also, I installed a 80 amp alternator and i want to replace the large + wire with something like 4 guage. Can I run from the alternator direct to the battery or is there a fuse or device between the battery and the alternator?
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As long as the battery is 12v then there isn't a wrong one. Hell, I'm using a top and side post one.

Don't know about the (+) cable. The online TSRM has wiring diagrams if you want to do a lot of clicking....
red or blue top. The yellow top isn't has a little longer reserve time, but current is lower then the red-not worth the extra $$$. The Blue top is best for heavy charge/discharge applications, so if you have a large stereo system that you pound for long periods without starting your vehicle, this is the battery for you.
I have red tops in my truck and Supra (and a yellow top in the Durango, next w/be the blue), and have no problem with them. I also run a lot of stuff off the truck when camping or wheeling (inverter, electric coolers, transceiver, etc.) and don't have a problem with starting.
Of course, you could go all out and get an Odyssey battery!!!
I've always prefered the yellow top. Yes it has the longest reserve time and this can work in your favor, if your running a high wattage stereo that you crank up when the car isn't running. I've never had the yellow top fail to start my car even after several hours of play time on the stereo.
I would suggest a yellow top if you plan to run a decent sound system. The yellow top is a deep cycle marine battery that is perfect for that application! It's what I run and it's great!
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