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White Glow Guages on E-Bay $30

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Silly question, but I assume ECT is an auto thing?
Sparky said:
Silly question, but I assume ECT is an auto thing?
Yep. Pretty cheap considering what they were.
I wonder if it has a spot for the low fuel light and the alt warning light.

I must admit it is the first kit I have seen that has the places filled in for the turn signals and the other lights so it looks right, not just cutouts that are black and don't look right in my opinion, and it has the two smaller parts for the lower indicator lights. That is also a first. :shock: I don't know if i like silver for a backround but for around $40 shipped it isn't a big investment.
Josh, you might want to use the edit/delete feature on that last one...that is unless you purposely decided to post twice. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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