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Is there even going to be an Vegas event this year? Pretty much everything here this year is cancelled now.

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It's still scheduled, and Miguel has said we're GO for SIV 2020!

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Yep he just posted a GO update on supraforums. I have till Sept 20 to register. So I'll see where the build is closer to then and decide whether im close enough

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I set a goal to get my supra running and driving for SIV 2020. It's aggressive and I have a lot to do. I won't get to everything that I ultimately want to do with this car.
Unfortunately this goal will not be met. The deadline to register to SIV was yesterday and I'm not confident enough I'll have the car running, driving and reliable enough to make the trip. Maybe next year I'll make it out. I'll keep plugging away at this build. Definitely still want to get it running and driving

Things accomplished:
  • Interior is about 90% back together. Thanks @PB for coming over to help one weekend. That really gave me a boost.
  • Sourced a sealed plastic battery box and installed it in the hatch area. I was previously going with an aluminum box but it just wasn't working. And I think a plastic box is safer so went with this one that is NHRA approved. With this new box, I have to relocate and install the fuse box. At this point, I may just need to source a new hatch board floor thing and start over. I could just make one i guess but it has a curve to it to fit the shape of the car which I think would be tricky to replicate.
  • Installed gas tank
  • Brake lines, fuel lines and gas tank vent line all connected and routed properly. I had to drop the transmission to get access to all the lines in the tranny tunnel to bolt them up into the brackets. I thought I could with tranny installed but there just isn't enough room. THEN, I couldn't get the transmission back into the car. So I was like F IT. I'm pulling the whole damn engine out again. Way easier to install them together. The upside to this fiasco was I was able to install my one piece driveshaft. Thanks @SilverMk2 for this piece. It bolted up beautifully. I tried to install it with the motor in the car and yeah that doesn't work. Seems like you either have to pull the diff and install DS, or pull motor/tranny and install together to meet up with DS.
  • Brake Master Cylinder installed, and bench bled. Brakes bled for all 4 wheels now.
  • Clutch Master Cylinder installed and bled. Need to bleed slave cylinder.
  • ECU wiring done. Got my boost controller and IAT Sensor wired in.
  • Installed Oil Catch Can
  • Installed Charcoal canister
  • A Bunch of other little things in the engine bay
  • Bleed slave cylinder
  • Mount AFPR
  • Finish TPS adapter
  • Mount dipstick
  • Fabricate bracket and secure IS300 coil packs for COP setup
  • Install stock AFM
  • Install belts
  • Tach Adapter wiring - connect power wire
  • Finish interior
  • Wire gauges (boost gauge, AFR)
  • Mount Idle Speed Control Valve and make gasket
  • Install plastic Wheel Wells
  • Install Passenger Mirror
  • TIG Weld intercooler pipes
  • Final install of intercooler pipes (after TIG welding is done)
  • Install front end turn signals, fog lights, and header panel
  • Install Radiator and fan
  • Install exhaust
  • Fluids
  • Start Engine
  • Troubleshoot - leaks, issues
  • Front End wheel alignment
  • Modify wiper arms to fit modern wiper blades

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If you ever have your rear subframe out you could go ahead and modify it adding in an access plate where the driveshaft passes through it. Not needed for 2 piece, but yeah seen this mod a few times for folks with 1 piece shafts, and just recently some great pics in this post: MtyMseHarmer's 82 P-Type 1UZFE Swapped Autocross Build
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