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who lives in Europe, New Zealand, Australia??

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im looking for those rear side vents
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I've sent 4 sets over to forum members already (although one guy seems reluctant to pay up :roll: ) and I'm always looking out for more but we don't have many salvage yards round here and even fewer mk2s.
im also looking for them, but no luck so far.

i have a friend going over to japan in about 3 months, do they have scrap yards like ours?
and is it likely that such pieces will be findable??

if they are avaliable though, he is under threat of painful death to send back about 10 sets, lol.
You're unlikely to find anything more than 10 years old in Japan, so the chances of finding a 20 year old Celica XX are very slim indeed!
While on the subject, if someone overseas could find me a set of mk3 folding side mirrors (black preferrably), I'd much appreciate it!


thanks for the warning norbie, ill still ask him to look for them, if anything appears, ill share the love, as soon as i get a set :)

he said he might, like 25% chance also go to the phillipines and austrailia, so we shall see what we see.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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