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will a 195/70R14 fit stock 14x7 rim?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if I would be able to safly stretch a 195mm tire onto the stock supra rims. Im lookin for winter tires and dont want to buy L type wheels.

Let me know =)

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I've seen 195/70's on P-Type wheels.... These things are just BARELY wide enough!! For a tire that fits much better on a L-Type 5.5" wide rim, vs a 7" wide rim, I would not do this.

If you're really lazy, get the steel wheels from a Celica GT or ST. Or any wheel from a MKI or a 78 - 81 RA Celica.
my friends got 195 width falken azenis on his AE86... i think they look bad, although they sure do seem to handle nice.

its too bad those 15" Ltype wheels are so hard to find.... theyd make great winter wheels.
i have 185/60/14 on my ae86. no problem
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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