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I really want to get my car looking nice and its clear just a new paint job won't cut it. So any advice or help would be great!
You know, you'd be surprised what you can find at the junk yards. My '83 Blupra now sports a spotless hatch from an 85 (equiped with newer style spoiler an all). The original hatch would have cost way more to fix then to replace. On my '86 I replaced side mouldings and rear tailights with used parts, all of which in surprisingly great condition! Sometimes you really have to look hard, other times you need to ask around on the forums, but you should be able to find the parts you need at an acceptable price from the used market. Getting new parts is great (if still available, many internal parts like glove box door are no longer available) but can be very expensive!!!

As for the front bumber, it sounds like it's just paint damage. Even if not, a decent body shop should have no problem fixing it up for you.

- Mike
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