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Windshield Sun Screen?

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I'm needing to get a reflective sun screen to put in my windshield to protect my dash when I'm out. Any recommendations on one that fits well, or am I stuck with generic rectangles?
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Personally, I'd just get the front windshield tinted with Llumar's Air80 ceramic-based film. Its almost completely clear and keeps all the nasty UV rays off the dash. Have it in all my vehicles---except the supra--- and like the fact that I can touch the dash on any of them in the middle of the day in summer and not get burnt. Yes, it really does reflect that much heat, and I have zero issues with the dash on my 4runner, nor has the dash cover's velour in my old truck have any fading at all. Tint has been on that truck since '11 or '12.

There's other brands also, 3M has their crystalline film iirc, and Suntek has one also, just look for a film with no more than 20% shading and also make sure the film has excellent IR energy reflection and >99% UV protection.
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