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Does anyone know the purpose of this wire??? And what I can do to solve this short problem??
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you cant view the pics, it says that the page is not availabe for viewing,

READ the instructions!!!!!!!!!!!

Copy the link & paste it in your address box in your internet browser. Press enter.

If you double click the link as you see it in the posting, instead of doing the copy/paste thing, you will get a error message.

I had no problem looking at the picture.

For those that are curious, it's the 2 wires that are on the left side/inside the engine compartment fusebox above the battery. Can't remember what these wire do, other than w/o these wires, the motor does not run.
I believe that is part of the fusible link assembly

I've burned this wire before in my old supra. I just went to the local Toyota dealer and got a new one. It’s basically a protection device. You should clean out the contacts as well as you can. I believe that its either 12 or 16 ga wire. You could get a couple of crimp connectors and some lamp cord to fix it.

Some else want to confirm?


Yes, these are the fusable links. They run ... ummmm ... well ... lots of stuff? I know they are needing for the ingition system and probably all kinds of other stuff. I don't know for sure 'cause mine just rusted out and I replaced them. I would start doing the fuse pull trick on the interior pannel unless someone else on the forumn can give you a list of exactly what systems run from the fuesable like. Does it even supply power to the interior fuse box??? I don't know???
Ok well those two wire control most of the electrical systems in the car. Won't do any good to pull the fuses out. Because the parts that those two wires control. Are not tied into the fuse box. That's why they are fuse links. They are the fuses for the systems they connect to. What you'll have to do is find a wiring diagram. To see what all those 2 fuseable links go to. Do you have to pull both of the wires to make the light bulb go off? Try pulling just one of the wires. This way if it will go off with just one of the wires pulled off. You will narrow down the possiblilites of what may be causing the problem. But with a wiring diagram you can see where the wire you pull off goes to. Then you can start looking at these electrical parts for the cause of the battery drain.
Actually, I just checked the online TSRM wiring diagram (Yes I realize it's for an 86 not an 83.) With the exception of one wire the ENTIRE CAR runs through 2 fuseable links before going to any fuses. There are 5 fuseable links all together right at the start of the entire electrical circuit so basically what your asking us is that when you disconnect all the power from all the systems ... the short goes away. How would you answer this question???

You need to print out all of the wiring diagrams from the online TSRM and tape them together to make one big ass diagram. From there start crossing out (yellow highlighter) sub systems that have fuses that you have already pulled. Whatever is left is what could be shorted. If you need help at that point by all means we can try to help you.

The online TSRM wiring diagram you need is under the "Electrical Wiring Diagrams" at :

Happy Hunting.
bump bump..

Still need help, I am stuck. Shoot I am electrical diagram illiterate. The damn diagram doesn't make s..h..i..t sense to me. :x
Well it's hard to trace a wiring problem like this. Without actually working on the car. From my wiring diagram. It looks like the yellow fuse link goes to the brake and tailights. Check to make sure your brake lights are not staying on. sometimes the switch at the brake peddal can get out of adjustment.
You have narrowed it down tothe yellow fusible link which is marked as 1.0Y in the electrical diagrams.

It is responsible or partially responsible for controlling virtually all the electrical systems in the car. Seriously, at least 80% of the car's electrical systems are tied into this fusible link in some way. Many fuses come into play inline after this fusible link. You should try pulling ALL of the interior fuses and ALL of the fuses in the underhood fuse box shown in your pictures. Now does the test light go out? If so, start putting them back in one at a time and see which one or ones make the light come back on. If one makes the light come on, make a note, then pull it out and continue on with putting in the others one at a time. Let us know what you find.

You will need to do some more detective work and give us more info before we'll be able to help you out.
Hey Dean,

Do you know where the other three fusable links are located in the car? I think that they will be next on his list if things to pull and I don't know exactly where they are. I've never gone looking for them.

There are some more fusible links in the little black plastic box that sits near (and connects to) the positive post of the battery.

Hope that helps.
Try pulling the "TAIL" relay in the black fuse/relay box located in front of the battery and see if that removes the short with the yellow fusible link connected.
If that doesn't change anything, try disconnecting the 3-terminal connector on the alternator and see if your test light goes out.
The 15A ECU-B fuse feeds the trip computer and the power antenna control relay. Try disconnecting the electrical connector on your power antenna and see what happens. The control relay is mounted directly on the antenna assy. just above the drive motor (small blue colored box).
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