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Wiring schematic?

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Anyone have a wiring schematic for a 1983 P Type? Trying to run down a headlight issue.
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Kick, here's some wiring pages from a Chiltons manual for sale on eBay...

I only have the '85 EWD, but if you think it will work, I can send it to you. Its a 17mb file, so figure on how you want to get it downloaded.

Dunno if the wiring is completely different for the headlights on an 83 vs an 85, that's something you'll have to determine unless someone here knows for sure.
85+ have a little difference with the auto-off lights when opening the door.
82 are a bit different also as they have 3 position stark (4 for 83+)
See my signature for a download link of the 85 wiring diagram in pdf.
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