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to be honest, if people with the 2nd gen eclipses did their homework they would realise that the 420a is a far better engine than the 4g63, ive had eclipses in my day. if people spent just as much money on a 420a as they did the 4g, they would come to realize what i mean. and when i talk about the 4g i mean the 6bolt, not the horrible 7bolt.
Lol the 420a isnt half the engine the 4g63 is what are you smoking?? Theres guys running 4g63's with 600whp on stock bottom ends. Theres a reason why people dont build 420a's unless you dump piles of money into them you cant make power. Built ones only make what 4g's can on stock internals. The only thing 420a's do is get good fuel economy. Ive been in the dsm game for 10 years and own 8 of them currently.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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