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WTB: Interior center console in black.

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a black center console in good condition? complete with the arm rest, map light, and the buttons. I'm currently restoring the interior and this is one of the more important parts that I'm missing. I would like to clarify that I would be paying through Paypal only. And through the goods and services option and here's why:

Last time I posted a wanted post I was scammed 350$ worth by two users who deleted their account, one named "Barnwall248" and the other named "noahjohn3070". And because of that, please send me a picture of the part beforehand and after that we can discuss pricing and shipping.

Many thanks.
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You should probably specify which you want. The early cars had a hard plastic one and the later cars had soft touch version. The switches are different between them also.

Simple way to not get scammed is to not buy from anyone without a significant amount of posts and user names like some simple name followed by a number. Also google the username because you'll find they are registered on just about every car forums out there.
The email thing is a scam. When you get these click the 3 dots on the right and hit report so I can ban them. I've already done a couple this morning. The bots are relentless....

Not sure how perfect you want, but this one is pretty decent:

Unfortunately it looks like they cut out/broke the side mirror switch spot slightly.
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