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wtn:Rack and pinion and trans. Need Help!

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I have also posted this aswell in the wanted section, i'm desparate, sorry guys for the inconvenience.
I have a 1986 5mge, and my tie rod needed to be replaced two months
ago...haven't had time and as a result, my rack and pinion is leaking
and needs to be replaced as well. I need a new or a low mileage rack
and if no one has one, where can I find one in the Toronto area. Also,
I need a manual transmission. My speedo doesn't work cause the
gear inside the trans. lost its pin and rotates a result the there
is metal chuncks inside the housing. Rather than taking it appart, I'll just
replace the whole thing to eliminate more headaches. Thanks for your help.
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The Car Quest store in town quoted me a price of $219 (US) + core. The web site shows a store in Toronto. See if they can get you one. I would offer you one of my extras but they all leak worse than the one in the car.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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