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You have no ideal....

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You have no ideal how hard it was for me to find any place that sells upgrades and modifications for my 85 supra. There's this place up here where I live called that sells toyota parts, but nothing for upgrades, except having a turo motor put in for about $6,800. But now that I have found this site and having a message board makes finding upgrades and mods a whole lot better and easier, and the comments are great. I am one happy owner of a black 85 supra.

Thanks for all you who share the same passion as I do in my supra.

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There are alot of members from your part of the world. Check out the pacnw supra group. Also at least one of the members here works at nix99 :D

In case you have not noticed, Nix99 is a SALVAGE YARD!!!!! NOT a speed shop!!!!! That's why you won't find much there in upgrades (except for the 7MGTE install that Don & Shawn sell).

And yes, there are a bunch of us here on the forums that are in the Seattle area. Shawn Pease (aka Junkie) is also here on the forum & he works @ Nix99.

Also, have you found the PacNW site yet?????

Also checkout MaxxAutoworks in Federal Way (they are a speed shop). Aaron Garney (who works there) can get you some yummy upgrades for your MKII, does not matter if you are still NA or planning to go Turbo.
Once again thanks guys for the help. I didn't think there where was a place here that had any upgrades for my MKII.

Mike,where are at in Everett? Come by for a visit to MY shop :shock: Never know what might be hanging out here :roll: I'm in north Everett,just off 19th,by Senator Jackson Park.
Aaron Garney, aka Keeper of the chimp...
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